GetID Joins ID Verification Market

GetID and idCredit, both identification and verification platforms for securing digital transactions have officially entered the market.

The company claims that its GetID software is the very first to enter the market, which aims to “provide unmatched options in the ID verification sector.”

The advantages the platform has over others includes an reportedly easy to launch software that lets clients onboard their software in the shortest amount of time. Flexible payment solutions are also offered.

How GetID works is by increasing the speed of verification checks by simplifying the KYC/AML frameworks that are set out by governing financial bodies. The software reduces the time it takes for these checks to complete, as well as ensure that only one check is required for the process to be completed.

On the other hand, idCredit has a different take on the AML/KYC checks as required by most financial institutions. idCredit runs as a distributed system for providing robust and convenient methods of verifying one’s identity. The service works by storing one’s KYC/AML details so that they do not need to be accessed each time one wants to produce these documents.