Graphs Analytics Market Set To Grow 2,522 Million By 2024

According to a press release made by Research and Markets, the graphs analytics market is set to grow from USD 584 million to 2,522 million by 2024.

The reason for the growth of the graphs analytics market is due to an increase of innovation in the graphs analytics market, as well as the integration of emergent technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things. These technologies reportedly allow for the uncovering of relationships between data and helps to drive the growth of the market.

The three main services that are set to grow in the market are consulting, system integration, and support & maintenance. Growth in these areas are due to the increase in deployment of tools and software, which in turn increases the demand for pre and post-deployment services.

The final insight of the report was which region would see the highest growth amount by region. It was discovered that the APAC region would grow the fastest, which includes the countries of China, Japan, India, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.