Hungary Engages With Huawei To Build 5G Network

A statement was made by Peter Szijjarto, Hungarian Foreign Minister which said that the country would engage with Huawei the help build it’s 5G network. The statements were made at China’s International Import Expo in Shanghai.

The minister said that Huawei will engage with other national carriers such as Britain’s Vodafone and Germany’s Deutsche Telekom to roll out 5G throughout the nation.

Crucially Szijjarto stated that the firm “does not discriminate” based on nationality provided that the company respects Hungary’s laws.

In recent past, Szijjarto has said that having a good relationship with Chinese giant Huawei was important, and that disapproving ties with the company as “hypocritical” as most countries depend on the Chinese market.

Other Chinese initiatives that Hungary is involved in include the belt and road initiative. China will invest in the reconstruction of railway lines within Hungary that will connect Budapest to Belgrade in Serbia.