QuarkChain (QKC/USD) Price Analysis: Sellers Defend Resistance


The MACD line is above the signal line, which is a bullish sign. The 12 day EMA is below the 26 day EMA, which is a bearish sign. Resistance 1: 0.00536, Resistance 2: 0.00547, Resistance 3: 0.00565, Support 1: 0.00501, Support 2: 0.0049, Support 3: 0.00472.
[coinmc type=”chart” coin=”QKC”]


QuarkChain is above yesterday’s pivot of 0.00518. If upside momentum continues, the next price target is at 0.00536 resistance.


For the MACD, it crossed above the signal line. Positive momentum to the upside is expected.
The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) helps traders identify possible buy and sell zones by analyzing the difference between the two moving averages. The signals given by the MACD (or any oscillator) should be confirmed by other factors before expecting a reversal or continuation of the trend.


RSI slipped to 48.1. The RSI signals that bears could stay in control.


The average true range (ATR) measures volatility. By measuring volatility, the severity of price movement can be checked with the ATR. Strong price movements should be accompanied by high ATR readings, which gives the movement credit.


Using today’s pivot points, we can calculate what tomorrow’s prices might be. Tomorrow’s expected high is 0.00525 with a low of 0.00497.